Wooden Counter Tops And Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Throughout the previous number of years, we have actually observed a notable rise in enthusiasm in wood counter tops. It appears a growing number of individuals are picking to opt for wood for their kitchen area makeovers.

Why? Well, it might have one thing to accomplish with a renewal of the normal visual in house layout. Wood manages to seize that normal appearance while nevertheless producing a modern-day feel.

Wood supplies an appearance that not one other product can. It’s not the very first product that leaps to your mind while thinking of counter tops, however, for some that is a benefit. They desire their kitchen area to stand apart, and what stands apart greater than a perfectly accomplished wood counter top?

Wood counter tops might not be for everybody. Like each and every different product, they have drawbacks and benefit.


The reality is, wood needs a great deal of maintenance. It might be more certainly ruined by stain, and not each and every type of wood will withstand type of misuse that a regular kitchen area counter top will see.

If they are provided the correct amount of attention, a wood counter top can maintain its well-kept appearance extensive into its lifetime. Typically speaking, the majority of the adverse to wood may be prevented with excellent maintenance.

Germs Can Reside In Improperly Sealed Off Wood

Effectively secured wood is absolutely no more germs favorable than tile or granite. Some research studies have actually revealed that wood has normal anti-bacterial attributes.

Nevertheless, if not actually offered the correct sealer, wood can cultivate germs and mold troubles. This might do to prevent lots of wood counter top homeowners from placing meals on it.

Wood is Susceptible to Damages

Wood resilience is determined through the Janka solidity examination, through which the total amount of impact needed to collide with a metal ball right into the wood is determined. The wood utilized in counter top manufacturing normally has a considerably greater Janka ranking.

Nonetheless, no wood is likely going to be as solid as rock, and a lot of wood is susceptible to scrapes and perhaps even indentations. This implies that wood counters are typically inappropriate for continuous slicing: you’ll wish to utilize a slicing board.

Water damages can additionally be an issue. Water that rests on it for very lengthy will start to leak into it if wood is not effectively sealed off. That is the factor for the ring that coaster less drinking glass leave behind on wood surface areas.

Wood Require a Number Of Care

Wood requires to get addressed well. Determined by the kind of sealer you’re utilizing, you’ll probably require to reapply it two to three moments a year.


Wood can match numerous kitchen area styles, and it could be utilized really artistically due to how simple it is to form. Although it definitely is not really for everybody, those who like it accomplish this along with an enthusiasm normally prearranged for household pets.

Wood is Stunning

A correctly accomplished wood counter top is one thing that asks to get laid a finger on, to get eyed. It’s difficult to explain further than that: it simply appears so darn great.

The majority of people who select wood pick it for its look and feels only, in spite of the servicing it needs. They just need to have that appearance in their kitchen area.

Wood is Cozy

In two methods: wood is warm and comfortable to take a look at, and wood is warm up to lay a finger on. You’ll be shocked at the variation in between a granite counter top and wood one in regards to warm. A granite counter top will often feel cool, even though the wood will stay warm and comfortable.

It’s a little thing, however it can make a huge distinction. It can make surface areas feel more welcoming, luring individuals to spend time lengthier.

As a side note, wood is likewise more quiet than various other products, which contributes to the feeling of comfort it develops.

Wood is Environmentally Friendly

Wood counter tops could be constructed out of recovered products. And when you’re all set to alter your counter top, or renovate your kitchen area entirely, your wood counter top does not need to wind up in a garbage dump.