How Do You Make Wooden Toy For Babies?

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are always fun to play with. Many parents simply find the idea of learning about woodworking intriguing. But, woodworkers may find that the same ability to make toys can have other applications as well. For example, building wooden toys for a child’s nursery, or learning how to make wooden baby toys for your own child, can all serve a useful purpose.

At home, wooden toys are wonderful presents for baby shower gift giving, and they can add a nice decorative touch to a child’s nursery. There are endless possibilities for a decorator. Perhaps you will be inspired to make a little wooden dollhouse. Or, perhaps a wooden sheep is the perfect centerpiece for your nursery.

Or, maybe you would like to learn how to make these fine baby gifts? We can even go further and teach you how to actually make a wooden baby toy!

Wood, after all, has been used for ages for things that aren’t babies! As examples, you may have seen lots of wood folding chairs in use today. We can easily make a lot of these, and by using wood, we can make them out of many different types of wood, and many different colors of wood. A few simple tools and instructions on how to use them can be used to create something special.

You may think of them as being made only for educational purposes. After all, they are very popular in nurseries around the world. In fact, the number of baby nurseries that use these for decoration far outnumbers those that use them to make simple beds.

Wooden toys for babies are not just simple pieces of furniture, either. They can make all sorts of wonderful items for a baby’s nursery, as well as lovely craft projects for adults.

Wooden toys that are ready to assemble, however, are a little more difficult. Many people wonder whether they should buy wooden toys from a store or craft shop, or if they can make them at home from scratch. It’s really a matter of taste, and it will be personal to you and your child, of course.

Of course, the best answer is to purchase toys that are made from quality wood that is kiln dried. Wood products that are made from sanded or stained wood will suffer from water damage much faster than ones that are produced from kiln-dried wood.

There are also many people who would prefer to avoid using paints on their wooden toys. This is fine, but there are those that find paints are necessary. The best way to keep the paint off your wooden toys is to allow them to air dry before painting.

If it is not possible to let the toys dry completely before the paint dries, there are several finish glue types that can be used. One of the best types is acrylic paint. If you choose to use acrylic paint, be sure that you read the instructions carefully.

Depending on the type of paint, they may include instructions to let the paint come off the toys gently, or they may recommend completely removing the finish glue, and leaving the toys completely painted. This is a matter of personal preference. For most people, they prefer a “soft touch” finishing.

Another important note to remember when learning how to make wooden toys, is that when using finished wood to craft wooden toys, you should be extra careful to only use wood that is really suitable for this. Wooden toys can easily become scratched and damaged with the use of recycled pine, oak, or cedar.